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Hey guys just a heads up.... I happen to be a fan of Walmart returns with no receipt. Doesnt help I legit lose them so much I've considered seeking help....Anyway, I always space them out, keep them sporadic, and I don't go over the 3x limit within 6 months rule listed in the policy (maybe this has changed but I havent checked).

Recently, after attempting to do one for the 1st time in quite a while, I was notified by the CS employee that I was not able to do my return. After reading the reciept notice that printed out, I saw for the 1st time, that I was on a 90 day suspension/probation from doing any non receipted returns. Although I'm not sure if this is exactly what happens once you've been flagged for overdoing it, I was caught off guard due to my (what I think is) random af "pattern" so it just weirded me out a bit. I know their systems are not sophisticated enough for some kind of conspiracy lol. I do wonder if this is the same situation that happens to the dgaf folks out there doing it on the daily if anyone knows?

There was also a phone number on there with a suggestion to give them a call if I had any concerns about it. Not saying this route is for everyone but, I am considering it. Gives a chance of clearing my name rather than it just staying there all..dirty and sad, forever cached....Anyway I'll I'll prob call because I'm fairly confident itll work considering a machine flagged me, not a person. Knowledge of various plausible circumstances that could easily cause false flags and good people skills go a long way :) Anyway, hope this helps some of you out there. ALWAYS be aware and be careful out there!



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Saturn_turning wrote

I'm unsure if Walmart uses The Retail Equation. I thought they didn't but I might be wrong.

I am fairly certain that Walmart's system doesn't consider someone's photo ID and license as being one person. So you could get both and then 6 returns instead of 3.

Also, as someone who used to be a big Walmart returner, get in the habit of snapping a pic of your receipt right after it prints. Doing that alone gets me sooooo many more things returned.


DerpRun OP wrote

Agreed. I used to have my second ID in play but laziness kept me from updating lol. Thanks also for the receipt pic suggestion, I'm definitely doing that from now on. :)


Hardlyworking4 wrote

I wouldn't worry but maybe get a passport to space your returns out more


Suprnova2099 wrote

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