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Subversive_Element wrote

*What was your procedure if you or an associate find empty alpha cases hidden with the item obviously gone?

*Did you ever catch anyone using magnets? If so, what did you do?

*Did you ever go hands on to stop anyone? Is it common?


Crazyguy OP wrote

At Target, yes we went hands on, and would handcuff as well. There are also benches in the office which are bolted to the ground with a second set of handcuffs so you would be cuffed to the bench.

As far as the cases go, it depends on if we could tell where the case came from and what the items were. If we could track down the item (often not very hard to do) we would document the person selecting the item and file a report along with saving video of the incident. This way if we saw the person again, or if another location caught the person we would be able to file charges.

Yes, I’ve caught people using keys. If it was an apprehension, they would get charged with the shoplift, and potentially also charged with use of a burglary tool (depended on how lazy the cop was feeling). I’ve also just walked up to people and told them to get out and not come back. In one case, I pretended to be a shoplifter while a guy was trying to use the key, told him he was using it wrong since he couldn’t get something open, offered to help, got the key and then told him I was LP and he had to leave. I kept his key.


myMomsDad wrote

Yo, that story about pretending to be a lifter and then taking away the key was fucking hilarious! Gotta give credit where credit is due!


Crazyguy OP wrote

Haha thanks man, I was honestly pretty proud of that one and had a lot of solid laughs from it, still do actually. Even the dude who I took it from gave me props which was awesome