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StealingSocietynVirginity wrote

No, not here anyway!! But your wally could be different?? I am into vinyl and have nabbed 20+ in about a year and not one has beeped going out. I have not found any security strips on em either!! You can always remove the shrink and inspect it in a safe spot in the store!!?? I kinda do then in a tote bag or under some cardboard found in store on bottom of cart. It has been really easy. Five is the most at one time. Be cool, calm, and collected and you should be fine!! Any probs, retreat, come back later!! Good resale value too peeps!! Good luck. For me too as i plan to go to wally tomorrow for food and i always try to get at least one free plus most of my food!! They also keep getting more stuff related to vinyl as well!! I plan on some plastic outer record sleeves tomorrow too!! Cool, more good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DerpRun wrote (edited )

Nerp. Used to buy a few of their flattened cheap moving boxes and stack them upright tight in cart and over time created quite the vinyl collection there for a while... Good times ; )

You leaf them throughout the tightly* held together boxes. Get cReAtIvE ! Gl