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tasmaniansyrup wrote

Order item, wait 48 hours after you receive it, claim it did not arrive. Tell them you already bought a replacement item & need a cash refund. If they say you need to file a police report, go ahead & do it--this won't result in you being caught, it's just a hurdle they put up so fewer people will get refunds.

If the delivery person took a photo to prove delivery, this still would not prove you're lying--it could just indicate the package was stolen from the porch. (Make sure you don't have a Ring camera or something recording you taking the package inside.) It's up to the company to decide whether to refund for an item that was delivered but stolen.

I'm not aware of any guides, but I'm not sure anyone really knows the specifics of how often you can get away with this etc. I've gotten refunds of orders around $300, I think others have said 400-500 may be the upper limit before they require signature to deliver.

Prime accounts & established accounts with many successful orders are more likely to get refunds. If you do this too often Amazon can flag your account & require signature for any delivery.

Would love to see comments from people who have done the DNA scam successfully with other companies!


bluefingin wrote

Ive actually done the DNA scam accidentally with other companies. When a item is a week late or something and I just assumed it wasnt going to show up, Ive gotten credit card refunds straight from paypal or my bank and then a couple days later the item I thought was gone will eventually show up.

Demonstrated to me at least that the scam has tons of potential for lots of different situations.


Arcstrider wrote

Since there's already a reply helping you out, please just know that Amazon and other online retailors may be on higher alert for stuff like this due to the pandemic. Be safe, friend!