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Since this Wu-flu crap, some of the few stores open are home improvement stores, red vest and orange apron.

Upon doing recon at one home imp store i was able to snatch an employee apron left on a forklift. I have hit 2-3 different locations, usually loading up a cart and putting the apron on at the last minute before wheeling it out. I’ve scored about 3k in the past 2 months.

I’m interested to know if any og thieves have ever dressed as a store employee and done a walkout? Walked into the warehouse? Break room? Any employees ever spot/caught someone trying this? Tell me your stories!



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Ganggang wrote

Liberated it lmao I like that. I feel like I don’t have the confidence to pull this off. What kind of stuff do you lift? Do you monetize it?


Subversive_Element OP wrote

Home improvement stores have an ungodly amount of resellable items. Tools, paint, electrical..hell, even generators and lawn mowers! You can resell anything and everything, you just have to know who’s buying 😉

Read the reddit threads about how these places treat their employees. I have zero remorse “shopping” there.