Gamestop Manager 8+ Years. AMA.

Submitted by Toshi2020 in Illegalism

I’ve managed 6 different locations, some of them were tiny shoebox stores, others were pretty large. I’ve dealt with dozens of shoplifting situations and worked closely with our LP Manager.

You guys have any questions? If anyone is interested I can try and write up some tips/how-to’s on lifting from Gamestop.



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ziq wrote

Do you ever let people off? What is something they could do or say to get a pass?


Toshi2020 OP wrote

I’ve let a few people off for little things, eg, pokemon booster packs, Kontrol Freaks, even those stupid POP figures. Usually they give the product back as soon as I ask about it and start apologizing/shuffling away.

If the response is to give it back, I barely even commit their faces to memory. If they ignore me and briskly walk out, then I will usually grab the DVR footage and file a report. If I don’t, it could threaten my job, and it always stings a bit even though I know it’s completely irrational to take it personally.


suma wrote

Any advice about finding blindspots? Are there areas of the store you can't see?


Toshi2020 OP wrote

Most stores have fixtures and standees on the sales floor. Go to the opposite side of the fixture from the cash wrap where the employee hangs out, and you’ll be golden.

Most stores operate primarily on single coverage for a large portion of the day, especially during the Spring/Summer, so as long as you know where the one employee is, you can be pretty confident that you’re not being watched on the other side of a fixture.

Just know that in general we are heavily trained on “authentic” and persistent guest engagement. If you are browsing alone for more than 5 minutes, chances are the employee will engage you again to recommend games or inform you of our sales.

Be quick.


radmenacer wrote

You ever steal from work? What about from other stores?


Toshi2020 OP wrote

I have co-workers who steal thousands worth of product every year. We are responsible for taking in all shipment to the store and shipping out all defective product. When taking in shipments you can easily pocket switch games, SD cards, PC mice, etc. And when shipping out product you can always take things out of the product box and wait for the receiving warehouse workers to eventually notice and they just assume the customer did it intentionally when returning the product.

Oh, and we have something called “field destroy”. Some products when returned as defective are immediately marked as field destroy. What that means is we literally have to break the product, and then throw it away in a dumpster. I definitely have some co-workers who intentionally return all known field destroy product as defective, (including unopened product) and then just keep it.