Things I've learned from getting caught. (3x in the last 10 years) Please feel free to share your insights.

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  2. Getting eye contact from a customer or a sales associate during the conceal is a really really bad sign. Please DUMP and go.

  3. When a store associate asks you to go to the back room, REFUSE. They do not have a legal right to detain you. LEAVE. (or I'll throw a huge fit and say, what are you saying? YOU SAYING THAT I TOOK SOMETHING?? CAN I SPEAK TO A MANAGER.) But WALK OFF IN A HUFF. Point is, get out.

  4. When doing #3, it's never a good idea just to get back into your car and leave. Go anywhere but to your car. Wait, then go back for the vehicle.

  5. Avoid this store for the next 6 months to a year.

  6. Take it as lesson learned. LEARN FROM IT. :)



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Lifted_Hickory wrote

Definitely agree with #3. Get out of the area on foot. Hide somewhere or get far away. Get someone else to get your car hours later.


tasmaniansyrup wrote

If someone is giving you the vibe that they're undercover security, they are! Never hesitate to bail.


Moonriver wrote

#3 works unless the LP is faster than you are & calls the cops while relentlessly following you. :(


Hardlyworking4 OP wrote

That's happened???


Moonriver wrote

Yes. LP tried to stop me but I kept walking. Didn’t want to go to my car for obvious reasons. Thought I could lose him but he stuck like glue. He called cops on his cell. I’m not a 19 year old kid. I couldn’t outrun him. I was busted when the cops rolled up.


Ganggang wrote (edited )

If you’re not fast I’d say bring a bike. Did that really happen to you? Most committed cuck ever damn


Hardlyworking4 OP wrote (edited )

Right and I doubt the police would respond to a call where the LP believe a shopper will shoplift?!?! I mean what cops respond to that?

We need explanations!


[deleted] wrote


Hardlyworking4 OP wrote

That's my point. LP has to follow tons of rules, so we need SPECIFICS if that has happened to you! Okay?


Anonymoose wrote

Absolutely #1/#2 - they've both saved my chin more times than I'd care to count. When something feels wrong, it is. And worst case scenario and you're bailing prematurely you can try again tomorrow. The risk:reward ratio balance is crucial to keep you from jail.

I have hit some stores countless times by maintaining a veil of innocence. You want LP to see you and see you do absolutely nothing numerous times. It's about being alert and switched on to when they're watching. You conceal in places without cameras so the only way they can catch is by direct observation, and if you're astute enough that means you know precisely when you can get caught.

Eventually LP will stop following you if they have observed countless times that you're not lifting.

My second piece of advice would be that if you're regularly hitting certain stores, you need to know the staff - what they look like, their roles in the store etc. I hit stores when I know the shift patterns have changed, and I hit stores when I know that staff are more likely to be on breaks/in the back room.


Harley_Quinn wrote

When concealing in your purse, or elsewhere, don't look down into your concealing area (purse, etc) look up at a shelf as though you're making a selection as you conceal.