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473372 wrote

I agree with this . The officers got fired whoopie... they need to be charged. I love seeing ppl just going crazy and acting out to prove a point.


A_Plus wrote

I'm with you guys, people looting and stealing from Target also makes me real happy. Target is so strict on shoplifting and now a bunch of people are just taking their shittt and there's nothing they can do about it. hahaha

I also felt profiled when I went into Target one time, even though I do lift, I never lifted from Target due to repeated warnings from this page and reddit's old shoplifting page about how they have top level LP. Its always going to be FUKK Target from me and I'll always be grateful when bad things happen to Target. hahaha


Ganggang wrote (edited )

You absolutely love to see it. I hope some of the rioters keep the memory with them that they can just take shit. The police state is a paper tiger just push it over


Hardlyworking4 wrote

Whats with the old lady! Haha. She's the most casual one there, but is she?