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I’m excited, we got a new Cricket Explore Air Two. If you don’t know, it’s a machine that makes custom cuts in paper and vinyl: crafters use them to scrapbook and make window stickers. But the first thing I thought of was replicating hole punches on “Buy X get one Free” cards. I found seven punchcards floating around the house, and it got quite easy to do after the first card. I ruined one (made the star-shaped holes too small). Took about five minutes each average on the others. It’ll get quicker with time.
The basic method, simplified: Download the Cricut Design App Take a picture of the best-quality hole Select that image in the app Deselect everything except the hole Save Open that shape in Canvas mode Move that shape to the two-inch hash mark Put the paper card on the cutting board, the place where you want the hole centered on the two-inch mark. Press go.

It took a while to set up. The machines are expensive, so this is not worth it if this is your only use. (but my wife wanted one anyway). I expect it’ll pay for itself eventually in free DQ blizzards, Tako Delmar burritos, and random salads and coffees, and bread from the bargain outlet.

If anyone can think of any other fraudulent use for these things, I’m all ears.
It would easily cut the custom shape of the free Starbicks recovery vouchers, and the free Hardey’s meal vouchers, but I’d need a nice enough printer to print the text on cardstock first, so that’s out for me.



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DerpRun wrote

I asked the register kid where to go for store pickup, far back of store of course, left counter and basketed a cricut that was out on the floor stacked with others for some reason (the only time I have seen it like that to this day) and made a calm but quick loop around the store and waived at the cashier on my way out. He was helping a customer so didn't notice anywway but man was that a rush! I still shop there too.

Love the idea, have you looked into the paper crafting punches? They are in so many shapes and sizes and much cheaper but having the Cricut should pay for itself in time. If you can take the time for it, make t-shirts to sell online? The vinyl is a breeze to lift and your options are unlimited then just a bit restricted by time and patience with orders. Custome design your own cups, keyhains, anything to that effect and advertise it around town. You may be able to build up a small clientele both on fb and locally in town. I'm not sure how helpful that may be for you but just thought I'd throw you a couple ideas that came to mind reading. Good luck! Update to share how it goes. :)


sharri555 wrote

This is great! I look forward to seeing the creative things people come up with. If I think of anything, I'll post here! Thank you!