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tasmaniansyrup wrote

It is possible to buy good counterfeits from AliExpress through "hidden links." The links show nondescript unbranded items, but if you're added to the right private Facebook group, you'll see posts explaining what the link really gets you & what message to add to the seller to ensure you get the branded product.

The counterfeits sold openly on Wish and Ali are typically pretty bad/don't have accurate logos etc. since it's not legal to sell those items. There are also high-quality knockoffs sold through instagram pages (r/repladies should have more info on this).


sharri555 wrote

Any idea how to get into this FB group or find the hidden links? I'm also interested in this


tasmaniansyrup wrote

I can tell you that I'm in a group called Our Reality Closet that's primarily women's clothing/bags/belts/accessories plus some miscellaneous. You may have to be added by a fb friend who's already a member in order to join. I can't remember how I got added to the group myself haha. If you google the topic of ali facebook groups with hidden links you may find more helpful advice!


Sprezza wrote

Nice tip! I'll look into it since shoes are harder to lift physically


walnhut wrote

check out reptronics sub?


rexmanningday wrote

go on reddit's LadiesReps or RepLadies groups and theyll have a bunch of info.