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Sprezza wrote

Great beginner video! What do you do about the sound that the 3Alarm tag makes after detaching? Do you somehow make it less loud or is it fine since most stores play music which helps to mask it to some degree?

I am interested in starting with electronics aswell but I am currently waiting for my S3 tool.


Subversive_Element OP wrote

With the audio tags, it’s usually just a quick beep when you activate/deactivate them. I’ve found 99% of customers around you don’t even glance in your direction when it sounds.

If you’re worried though, you can use your hand to muffle the sound enough so that you can barely hear it.


Fmemory wrote

Great, Never forget to protect ur privacy.


1ncognito wrote

can you upload it to a site that is not youtube? or share the file?


IceTooth wrote

are these unlisted? if not i would suggest changing privacy settings or upload elsewhere