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(not really sure which forum to post this on to begin with, but i guess illegalism since it involves lawbreaking)

im seeing that cross border travel in europe will almost be impossible to do without money in the coming months, so i would like to talk about it.

hitchhiking might be the worst one of them all imo, unless youre extremely lucky. if you get controlled at the border to a country where your not from youre out i guess. also probably nobody will take you.

trains are still alright i guess, but especially in france and germany they upped the security a Lot, sometimes theres even cops inside the trains i heard.almost impossible to bypass the security measures of the highspeed trains, but with a lot of luck it works(i managed once with 5 tries). i could go deeper into detail about this point if theres interest.

i dont know about planes, i never take them so i dont have any info. if someone does, please share.

ships and ferries are also something i have no clue about. before the quarantine the were a lot of ferries doing crossbordertravel, for example from italy do spain, but i have no clue if they still exist and what their security measures are. if you do, please share.

things like flixbus and blablacar still exist; flixbus is gonna start driving again on the 11 i think, and i have some ideas on how to take them for free. again, if theres interest i can elaborate in a comment. blablacar still works almost normally, but a lot drivers now check papers before the travel, especially when its cross border. and again, the same problem as with hitchhiking, if you get controlled at the border and you dont have that countries papers, youre out i guess. blablacar is something i dont know how to take for free. i guess you really have to pay. if somebody knows more about blablacar, please share. (also it might be interesting to talk about if taking blablacars for free would be "just")

walking and riding a bike sounds stupid at first, but really works. especially where theres mountains like in france/spain, and germany/italy/switzerland/austria. you can easily evade police checkpoints, and even if you get checked you can say youre just taking a hike and turn around. i did it a couple of times, again, i could elaborate.

and lastly, the most traditional one i guess. trainhopping. something i dont know shit about, because its really unpopular in europe, atleast amongst anarchist circles. i heard people speaking about that refugees have been doing it for years consistently, but those may only be rumors. i dont know if i want to ask about this method, because i think that there really are people practizing it, and they are doing a pretty good job about keeping it secret.

please feel free to add anything, or correct me in anything. looking forward to speak about this.



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Liftitbro wrote

You seem like you have some experience definitely more than me. Which method would you choose to cross country travel for minimal cost and how would you actually go about the whole process? Would be very interesting to hear.