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This weekend I’m going to film a series of short videos on how to defeat retail security devices along with the tools I use. I’ll upload them either to a burner U-tube account, or bitschute.

First video will go over my “thieves toolkit”, different, hooks, detachers, and magnets and maybe how to make them?

Second video will cover hook detacher and ink tags

Third will cover the range of alpha locks and the S3 key

Fourth will cover the mutha-fookin P@teco turtle, since i cucked that bad boy 😬

5th ? Anything anyone wants to see? Im not sure if I’ll cover lock picking since thats pretty advanced. Maybe a video on strategy, slight of hand, social engineering, blind spots, etc. i was thinking of filming some actual thieving using a go pro but thats down the line..

Anyways, let me know what you might like to see and I’ll post the links when i get everything filmed and online.



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sharri555 wrote

I like it. I couldn't see myself doing anything with tags attached since I don't really know how any of that stuff works, so seeing it and the explanations would be great. Also, everything mentioned in the 5th video idea is of great interest to me. I'd also love any creative methods or variations on classic scams.Maybe even ideas on how to come up with your own scams. Like, what's your process? Do you make money with this? Do you flip the items? How do you go about finding people to purchase? I'm just really fascinated with everything and it's really difficult finding info sources since we're all being surveiled and people can't share as openly.


Liftitbro wrote

Yes yes yes ! That would be very useful to our community. Love the ideas and I hope you implement them.


Bangdingow wrote

Sounds like a great idea. If you put them on YouTube be careful though, they delete a lot of videos that cover shoplifting. Maybe try leaving the video unlisted so people can see it with a link but can't find it through search, I doubt it would be deleted.


473372 wrote

Yes . It was kinda hard to hear though. There are so many different tags these days but any and everything helps. Love this idea thank you!!