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JohnBoJim_87 wrote

I'm guessing you were the only person leaving at that time...otherwise maybe it was someone else. If not, it's probably what Hickory said


Liftuplease wrote

The store by me is only letting in 50 people at a time because of the pandemic. Looks like a ghost town in there when you finally get in. Not a good lifting atmosphere.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

My lifting at these places has been easier with all this. It's slow, but chaotic and it seems people aren't focused. Done $1500 recently in one day between two locations. Easy as pie.


Fukwalfarts180 OP wrote (edited )

They are keeping a count and only letting people enter one door but they were quite a few people in there, and yes I was going out the exit alone. I'm positive it was me set the towers off