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Ok so... I’ve started to take things without paying for them. Groceries at first. I would spend $60-$100 in groceries but walk out with a few extra groceries. Then I started to take more things.. this went on for about 5 months. Well yesterday, I was doing my grocery shopping and also took extra stuff.. just little things for the house; and I noticed a security guy walking past my car and and saying things into his walkie talkie... should I be freaking out?????



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bwqrdsaf wrote

They may be on to you and are building case for when they can prove your total theft is in felony amount.

Stay the hell away from Target, all of them as they will share pictures for at least 6 months.

Also next time, park further away so you would have an opportunity to discreetly check over the shoulder for anyone following. If you are being followed, don't stop at your car pretend you're going to a bus stop or a different parking lot. Or if you're a woman and there's people around, yell that you're being followed by a stalking ex-husband. Let them delay the LP while you get away


Jacie wrote (edited )

We have learned from Target LP here that they aren't going to let you go if they can bust you. They case build when they think you've done something or they know you have but for whatever reason couldn't catch you that day. They are not letting you go in the hopes you come back so they can add more, that is just our paranoid minds over thinking. Whenever I start to feel like this I stop and look around. There's usually one or two people that look super sketch and are more likely the focus of this guy's attention. If you'd done nothing how would you act? Act like that and you'll be fine.


glaxo56 OP wrote

This is the second time I notice this guy. He was wearing a shirt that says security. The first time I noticed him, he was rushing and looking at the SCO section. This time, as I was walking the cart into the cart section in the parking lot; I noticed him walking past my car (it was parked in between in 2 other cars) and he was talking into his walkie talkie. We made eye contact for a second and idk I got freaked out afterwards. The worst part is I shat where I eat so yep. Never again. I’m done


Stealmyheartsdesire wrote

Targ3ts game is game tight. I have managed to steal quite a bit from there but I know they do watch me at certain locations.