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Have y'all found it to be easier to lift ever since everyone started wearing face masks? I'm wondering if retail staff are taking extra precautions to prevent theft or if everyone is mostly preoccupied with safety measures given that covid has been taking such a toll. Was wondering if any of y'all have pondered this.



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BigThief wrote

I have. I have even started to hit Target which I normally never touch.


Fukwalfarts180 wrote

Really, Target? I've only done a few lifts at Target. The problems I been having lately is the FartMart's around me have temperairly stop doing returns


Subversive_Element wrote

I’ve been reading a variety of different sites, forums, and pages from stores deemed ‘essential’. 90% of the posts are from wage slaves gripping about uncaring bosses, being overworked, virus exposure, and unruly crowds. I feel for these employees being sacrificed at the altar of corporate profit, and one thing i see from their own mouths is none of them seem to give 2 F’s about lifters. I don’t know about LP/AP mind you, but wearing the mask is a literal blessing and makes our job 10x easier.


tasmaniansyrup wrote

Wearing the mask does seem to give a bit of extra confidence. Retail staff seem preoccupied (and are at greater risk from someone going through checkout than from a shoplifter who keeps their distance from employees). But as always, it's security personnel you really need to worry about. Not sure how stores have changed in terms of cutting down or beefing up security presence.