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This is how I steal food.

I've been doing it for almost 10 years and it's worked hundreds of times. Maybe it could help some of y'all too. I try to lift when I'm shopping for groceries so that I blend in better but you can make a very small purchase if you're hurting for cash and you'll possibly get away with a lot of other stuff too.

Start by finding the right stores. Try to go to one's that aren't near your home or where you usually shop. This is a rule that I break all the time but really shouldn't.

Here's a master list of stores with accompanying information:

The store I go to isn't on here but it's a pretty popular grocery store where I live. Okay, let's do it. If you have no money at all, try to track down a couple of quarters or a dollar from a couch, floorboard, friend, foe, or stranger. After you got it, make your way to the store.

I usually wear boxer briefs and either a hoodie or big shirt, often both, and then put things in the front of my pants, inside of my briefs. I've gotten multiple packs of sushi, granola, ice cream, whatever, like this. You can even wear two pairs of boxers if you don't want your food to touch your "stuff." The briefs work best because they grip your legs and prevent stuff from falling out as you're walking around. I will also wear my pants with the top button undone and my belt done super loose when I walk into the store. You can tighten your belt while the stuff you've lifted is in your briefs and it will kind of push it into your lower chest and make it stick out less. Your big shirt and sweatshirt should somewhat. disguise the bulge. It's definitely easier in the winter because you can wear a bigger jacket and get away with more. I've even gone as far to fill my front and back with 2 king-sized sheets and 2 pillow cases, as well as other stuff like headphones at Target. It was sticking out so far on both sides, and I looked ridiculous but still not too out of the ordinary. Just walked out. Also, so much sushi. Grocery store sushi is super easy to steal and has a decent amount of protein. There are also vegan and non dairy rolls at some grocery stores, you just gotta keep an eye out. Also, this has proven to be the quickest non-cook meal and is super easy to grab on the go.

Okay, so now you're at the store. Grab a handbasket when you walk in. Go to the produce dept. and buy a single banana, or jalapeño, or donut, or whatever. I think the jalapeños the cheapest, at least where I live. If you want to spend a little bit of money on groceries and not steal everything, then do any legal shopping first, before you put anything in your pockets or pants. A lot of people say to "get in and get out" ASAP and I think that's great advice but I also do a small amount of shopping (at least 2-4 items, legally paid for. I try to stay under 10 so I can use the express lane). I think it looks better to do this but it's not necessary. Still, I keep it fast. Get in, get out, but blend in and relax. Also, try to be alone. I don't think it's a good idea to shoplift when you're with other people.

Get everything thing you want, first the stuff you're paying for, then the stuff you're lifting. Put it all in your handbasket for now. After you have everything, find a hidden spot. My store doesn't have too many of these and also has LP/cameras but I've found 2 isles to work the best: The dog food isle and more importantly the birthday card/school supply isle. That's because I see the least amount of people in these 2 isles. Luckily there's like a pole and rack of cards kind of obscuring the camera's view, so I'll go near that and act like i'm looking at/grabbing something behind the rack. Then I put everything in my pants as soon as possible. I'll also put stuff in my pockets if my sweatshirt or t-shirt is big enough to drape over my pocket region. Try to wear pants or jeans with 4 actual pockets. This way you can put something in each pocket and stuff in the front if your briefs and possibly the back. After everything's in my pants or pockets, I'll head to checkout immediately. My store doesn't have self checkout so I find the shortest line. Pay fast, with cash if you want, but i've always use card and have never had a problem.

If I ever get stopped, I run. This is why it's important not to come with other people because even if you do get away, they might not and if they don't, then you might be f*cked.

TLDR: Be inconspicuous, blend in, be fast.



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sorrygrief OP wrote (edited )

Also, dumpster diving is a great way to get free food if you have access to a good spot.


onymous wrote

This is very very true. Haven't been to any factories or packaging plants, but it's actually mind-blowing how much barely bruised produce a big supermarket will throw away, or anything with an expiration date at a pharmacy. Or pastries from a corporate bakery.


473372 wrote

Is it legal to dumpster dive? I've been told yes and no , not that it matters completely I just would be more watchful if it is illegal. If it's in a dumpster I dont see why or how it could be illegal, ulta has paint that they dump inside theirs just so ppl won't want to take the stuff 🙄


onymous wrote (edited )

Cool! Does this work as well do you think if you're gendered as female by others?

Also, I don't know about the advantages of buying legitimately when concealing, but it strikes me as unwise to use a card if you do, since if you're caught they have your info.


Arcstrider wrote

My logic has always been that if I have the intent on buying something, even if it's a small thing, I relieve some of the anxiety and feel that I may appear less suspicious when I start heading for the checkouts with a handbasket. I always pick up one thing to buy for every two to three things I conceal.

I'd definitely like a post related to this but angled towards female identifying people! I'm definitely still working on my little 'technique' for concealing, and I think one of my biggest faults is relying on my hoodie sleeves to conceal small items while slipping them into my purse.


sorrygrief OP wrote (edited )

Yeah, I would like to point out that I am a male passing white person so this may be easier for me than a POC or someone who looks different from me. I can't speak or give advice to that because I could never fully understand what it's like, as someone who's white. Same for someone "gendered female" by others. I think it goes without saying to dress as "normal" as possible and try to blend in. But hoodies are in fashion and I don't think too many people would think twice about a "female appearing" person wearing a hoodie. Winter's coming too. Also, leggings and tights can help with this too. You can even wear briefs over tights but I wouldn't wear panties/thongs/etc. because the crotch area is too small and stuff would fall down your pant leg.


Arcstrider wrote

May I ask where you live? Here, it's about to get so hot and humid, like numbers from hell kind of stuff. Hoodies won't work for me much longer, unfortunately. I usually gear up in mono/neutral tones, no big flashy "look at me!" colors.

I live in the southeast of USA, so small talk and stuff is a lot more common. Acting as a normal chatty customer and asking about different products/items they have in their basket and making small-talk with associates and customers that are too close for comfort has saved my shit so many times over the past couple months.


sorrygrief OP wrote

mid/southern USA in a larger city. try a baggy t-shirt. you could even wear an underarmour base layer shirt underneath the baggy t-shirt so you can stretch the underarmour shirt over your belt/stolen goods area to hold whatever you're lifting to your chest. then baggy shirt can flow more freely, instead of conforming to the shape of the good's you've pouched in your pants. the "Women's UA TAC HeatGear Compression T" looks like it would work great for this. i've gotten jeans and a lot of clothes like this. if the stuff sticks out of the front of your shirt too much, walk with a hunch bc leaning forward will loosen up the baggy shirt and allow it to drape more freely.