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At many of the walmarts I've been to they have these cameras at the end of the aisles about the size of a small tablet maybe (just a bit thicker) that displays as it records, they're usually mounted somewhere with a view of the whole aisle at about chest/neck level. One day I noticed one that said "Error: No SD card" or something like that and underneath there was an exposed sd card slot that usually has a cover with no SD card or cover. I checked the other ones and they have a small screw, usually philips head, holding in the cover. I was curious if anyone has ever stolen SD cards from these before? They only have a camera on the same side as the screen, so standing behind it would mean it can't see you. It's other cameras you'd have to look out for.



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coinin9hands wrote

This would be risky ofc but absolute legend shit. Please try it if you got the guts and report back.


falcons wrote

Those cameras still send a feed to the LP office and dvr's. The SD card is just for redundant/backup recording.