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I’m going through some hard times right now as I can’t lift as much in my town so might need to find a small animal to be able to eat nutritious caloric dense food. I have no money no way really to get food Have thought just to try get as close to the smallest sheep as possible then pounce either jump on it or stab it. It’s gunna be pretty hard and brutal but it’s real life I guess.

Imagine if suddenly all supermarkets and farms shut, how would you get nutritious caloric food! Who knows that may end up happening nothing surprises me much anymore lol.

Anyway thanks for any info, hope you are all staying safe out there in this bizarre world



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Majrelende wrote (edited )

I have no advice on hunting at all, but do you have wild parsnip and ramps? I do not believe either is a very high-calorie food, but they both tend to form large communities and are somewhat easy to identify.

I have never foraged any, but the rhizomes of cattails are supposedly rather starchy. Perhaps there might also be some kind of wild grain or seed if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.


BigThief wrote

I hope you scout the land very well. If they have an Anatolian Shepherd or a Cane Corso you are going to have a very bad day.

This might be an asshole move unless this is a large farm operation. Do not hunt on someones land that has a few lamb, sheep, or dairy cows. That would make you a class traitor.

Have you ever hunted before? A situation like this I would go with stealth and hunt with a bow. Use a Grim Reaper arrow or something similar. I would use an ATV or some other motorized vehicle to be able to get the corpse off the land as soon as possible. If you have never drug dead weight this is not the time to learn. Once you get back to a safe place immediately field dress, break it down, and start chilling.


cdubose wrote (edited )

If there is adequate water sources near you, I would recommend fishing instead of small game hunting. With fishing, you have the chance to catch more meat, it's easier to approach if you've never done it before, equipment is far cheaper to obtain (I wouldn't recommend someone who's never shot before to just go out and get a .22, you would want to practice regularly with it first to hunt ethically and get a quick, clean kill), and fish is easier to prepare, transport, and store than meat. Keep in mind, just like hunting, fishing is still regulated, so be careful if you plan on breaking regulations and someone sees you. You don't need a boat; you can fish from the shore or a dock if your fishing pole and line goes out far enough, and then just bring something to store the fish until you're able to remove the scales and store/cook them.


sorrygrief wrote

Definitely fish. Easier to deal with and good for you too.


Glenn_carbon wrote

I don't know where you are but it might be easier to go after fish or smaller animals like squirrel or snakes. All of which you can pretty much just set some traps for. Much easier than killing a lamb.


Arcstrider wrote

I definitely recommend fish instead of animals like sheep.

If you're unable to fish, see if there are any small family owned shops around you. If there are, ask them if they have any meat they're about to throw out, and if you'd be able to get a small discount on it since it's about to go off. The working class is off limits, so please don't steal from stores like this. <3

In the meantime, if there are any corporate owned stores (walmart, for example) around you that have a garden section, stop by there and see if there are any seed packets for tomatoes or other fruits/veggies you could grow easily. These will obviously take more time to get food, but it's something good to have, especially if there are situations often where you can't go to the store or can't afford to. There are great recipes out there that can and will use every part of every food in that dish to minimize waste and maximize how much you can make.