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cdubose wrote (edited )

If there is adequate water sources near you, I would recommend fishing instead of small game hunting. With fishing, you have the chance to catch more meat, it's easier to approach if you've never done it before, equipment is far cheaper to obtain (I wouldn't recommend someone who's never shot before to just go out and get a .22, you would want to practice regularly with it first to hunt ethically and get a quick, clean kill), and fish is easier to prepare, transport, and store than meat. Keep in mind, just like hunting, fishing is still regulated, so be careful if you plan on breaking regulations and someone sees you. You don't need a boat; you can fish from the shore or a dock if your fishing pole and line goes out far enough, and then just bring something to store the fish until you're able to remove the scales and store/cook them.


sorrygrief wrote

Definitely fish. Easier to deal with and good for you too.