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A_Plus wrote

Some of yall are talking about not leaving your house and a lot of places being closed, but the grocery stores are still open and can be violated by us. hahaha I mostly lift by sticking items into my winter coat pockets, and with it being spring time and the cold days being rare, I've got to risk it and lift whenever the temperature is 55 or lower. 55 is the cut off temperature for whether I put on my winter lifting coat. hahaha

My city just put up an order saying that everyone who enters a grocery store must have a mask, I DON'T HAVE A FUKKIN MASK!!! I'm cool with the social distancing and shitt being closed, but how do they expect the average person to just come up with a mask?? These goofy politicians should at least provide them at the entrances for those who don't have access to them!! We're gonna have some cold days in the middle of the week, I'm gonna see if they let me in the grocery store without a mask. I'm considering just wrapping an old t-shirt around my neck and using that as a mask if it comes to that. haha


JohnBoJim_87 wrote

There's so many ways to make a simple "mask" or anything that you can use to cover your mouth/nose from items around your house.