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Snotboogie wrote

It was way easier in the beginning in like beginning to mid march stores were crowded and everyone hoarding i was feasting on keurigs, electronics, all kinds of shit. Receipt checkers didnt want to even look at you for a while there in middle of march. But now theyve got their masks and gloves and are starting to do their job again and with the limits on the amount of people in stores at any given time its gotten harder.

Even the biggest walmart stores are empty with everyone outside waiting to be let in.with the stores being so empty, LP at doors and LP working the cameras can now narrow their focus. think im done till this shit is over. Ive been doing pretty good at concealing and self checkout the past few years, but ive already been caught twice in the past couple weeks.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

My grocery lifts have diminished, too difficult now. Likewise for health and wellness products. Home improvement stuff is going well though. Which is good since I just moved and need lots of stuff to generally improve the house.


Loserdub wrote

Where I am crime stoppers has had A TON more pics and people. They even had pics of someone lifting from the goodwill store which is b.s cause they took it from the drop off place.

They dont realize goodwill employees steal anything worth any value before it gets into the store .


Lovebug wrote

Harder, but maybe I should start trying to take advantage of the situation more.

Most of the stores I lifted at before the quarentine are closed. The few that are open have limited hours and more foot traffic than usual. On the plus side, hiding your identity is a lot easier... sort of. I have a distinct hair and eye color, so I'm not 100% sure how much that helps me.


quality_shit_post wrote

It is the same. I lift more food, tools, and materials to build things.


A_Plus wrote

I say it can be both because stores are now limiting the number of people who can go in which probably makes it harder to lift, waiting to get into a store kills the mood to me. haha But a lot of employees/security may be more worried about people maintaining social distancing and that no one is intentionally or unintentionally coughing to really focus on shoplifting.

I recently had a plan to lift from 2 grocery stores by sticking items in my coat pocket, the first one was fairly easy I stuck a few items in my pockets, paid for a few things then left. I did see an employee standing at the entrance writing something down. I later figured he was keeping track of how many people were in the store, and he would have people wait to get in if it reached a certain number. The 2nd grocery store had a pretty long line of people waiting outside to get in so I didn't even bother with it and just left.


tasmaniansyrup wrote

Some stores now track how many people enter & stuff, so it doesn't feel as anonymous. A local Whole Foods closed off their entrances other than the main one, so it's harder to do walkouts. Trader Joe's is banning reusable bags which fucks up my method there. But some places i.e. Petco are exactly the same.


prodigicus wrote

I have not gone out of the house since the pandemic started.


A_Plus wrote

Some of yall are talking about not leaving your house and a lot of places being closed, but the grocery stores are still open and can be violated by us. hahaha I mostly lift by sticking items into my winter coat pockets, and with it being spring time and the cold days being rare, I've got to risk it and lift whenever the temperature is 55 or lower. 55 is the cut off temperature for whether I put on my winter lifting coat. hahaha

My city just put up an order saying that everyone who enters a grocery store must have a mask, I DON'T HAVE A FUKKIN MASK!!! I'm cool with the social distancing and shitt being closed, but how do they expect the average person to just come up with a mask?? These goofy politicians should at least provide them at the entrances for those who don't have access to them!! We're gonna have some cold days in the middle of the week, I'm gonna see if they let me in the grocery store without a mask. I'm considering just wrapping an old t-shirt around my neck and using that as a mask if it comes to that. haha


JohnBoJim_87 wrote

There's so many ways to make a simple "mask" or anything that you can use to cover your mouth/nose from items around your house.


MrGanktastic wrote

Other than groceries and home's kinda bare. All I got now is either watching COVID news or Tiger King. Phuckin' Carole Baskin.