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Good afternoon. Long time lurker here.

I need some advice on obtaining clothing, as I don't have any money for more. I wear a small in tops, medium in skirts/pants (US sizing). I was wondering what stores are best to lift at, especially during this pandemic. Advice on lifting shoes would also be neat.

I highly prefer places that are low risk. I'm young and mentally ill/have a learning disorder, so any criminal record would fuck me out of the very few jobs I can actually do.



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onymous wrote

Generally speaking, somewhere with no/few cameras is ideal, and no LP. I find physically large, local chain stores good on that front: enough space to find a blindspot away from employees, but not rich enough to have lots of security measures. If you can dress middle-class and get to the suburbs, that would be ideal.

There a couple methods I know of, that I'm sure you could search on here: taking a bunch of clothes to a dressing room (somewhere they don't count) and wearing the ones you want under your real clothes, then walking out. Another method might be taking in a purse/canvas bag with some of your own crap in it, picking out the thing you'd want and putting it in a basket like you might it, then stuffing it in your bag under other things in an area with no cameras and no shoppers or employees around, then leaving.

I've also heard of people going in, putting on a jacket, then walking out with it on like they wore it in there! That might be a bit too stressful if it's your first time though. For shoes, I guess maybe concealing, although I've read of people wearing old shoes in, "trying on" new ones, and putting the box back with their old shoes in it, lmao. For specific stores, I'll leave that to others (or maybe the wiki if you like it! Don't take that info as 100% though; it can get out of date). I hear thrift shops are easy to steal from?

Another option, if you're okay with secondhand clothes and some social contact, is just to ask some people. There are sometimes clothing swaps going on in places, and as reluctant as I am to recommend Facebook if you joined a nothing Buy Nothing group you'd probably find some people with some clothes to give away. That's pretty low risk!


Moonriver wrote

Now isn’t the time. Regular stores are closed. Thrift stores are closed. Target has clothes, but that is a risky, camera-filled store with excellent LP. Walmart is usually easy to steal from but not now, with limits on number of shoppers. It is too weird of a time. Wait til this stuff is over.


tasmaniansyrup wrote

Moonriver is right--this is a rough time to get started if you have no experience with clothes. All the easy stores except Walmart are closed, & they may have more scrunity on everyone who enters. Target has shut down fitting rooms in at least some stores. Don't try anything unless you've scoped out the store ahead of time, & you're confident that you can act nonchalant. If you can go to a Target in a wealthy area (and blend in/appear affluent yourself), your chances will be better.

The standard advice for shoes is to wear an old crappy pair in, swap them out for the shoes you want & walk out leaving the old shoes behind.

On the plus side, thrift stores aren't taking donations, & anyone who's purging their stuff may have unwanted clothes on hand. Maybe you could get together with some friends & swap pics of clothes you'd like to give away?

What kind of stuff are you looking for/what stores are in your area?


Poopmonkey1155 wrote

How young are you? If your under 18 then you don't take really any risk when committing petty theft, also if you look young enough loss prevention won't touch you since it's too risky for them to face some serious lawsuits, especially if your a little girl. Best bet is to stick with Ross Dress for Less. They are 100% no chance, hand off, and don't call the police most the time. They just say, " don't come back! "


DerpRun wrote

A good safer way and with privacy is Marshalls, Ross, and those type of stores that count your items. if you bring in old clothes and swap them on the hangers, the count will always come out right. Follow your instincts. The more you become aware of the store and associates, you'll reach a 'relaxed' state because you can tell who dgaf and who does and what times are good to go....just don't get too relaxed. Once you get started, you'll get the hang of it. Also, not at all trying to be insensitive but realistically you may consider using your illness to your advantage in a situation where you are caught. I'm sure the effectiveness would highly depend on where you are ans circumstances of course but if your illness is legit, may as well make it beneficial to you in some way. But also, like they've already said, try to wait it out a bit longer for this Covid ordeal to subside. Be safe, be aware, and good luck!