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Silver_Stealer wrote (edited )

I got my hands on an entire box of spiderwrap and played around with them. One of the things I tried was completely submerging it in water. It seemed to have no effect for the first hour, but then the water made the spiderwrap activate and started beeping. It remained fully submerged with the alarm going off for 48 hours before I got annoyed with it and tossed it in the microwave to shut it up. Water is not practical for deactivating spiderwrap in any capacity.


Poopmonkey1155 wrote

Spiders wraps have two types of models. If the spider wrap says 2alarm on it, then it will only set off the towers and not start screaming unless you cut the cable. If it says 3alarm on it, it will start screaming as soon as you walk threw the towers as well as set the towers off. You can usually work the cable wraps off the product. Just takes some time if they are on really tight. You can all so get aluminum tape ( sold at Lowes and Home Depot ) and cover the larger circle piece completely and that will keep it from being detected by the towers. I personally use a alpha key or a strong rare earth magnet to remove them quickly on the floor.


Stealmyheartsdesire wrote

I just bought an empty paint can to test it as a faraday cage.... I’ll report back