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JohnBoJim_87 wrote

Since 99% of the population is home right now, I'd say not good


Hardlyworking4 wrote (edited )

OH. Well have a friend put a disguise on and take it. from your porch ?? come on.. be creative :)


Lifted_Hickory wrote

I don't know what the odds are of you doing it. Likely 50-50. But the odds of success are minimal... They've cracked down. Not to mention it'll take a while to ship since they deprioritized non essential shipments.

You'll also likely need a verified police report for them to do it if they even will.


Protectyaneck wrote

I got a playstation 4 for free about 6 months ago by claiming it didn't get delivered. the package was supposed to require a signature but the fedex guy took it to the leasing office at my apartment complex and one of the ladies working there just signed some random name and accepted it. I contacted amazon and they saw that the signature on the package didnt match the name on the order. It took about a week but they refunded my $400.


Liftuplease wrote

Tried DNA worth two hundred fifty a few weeks ago. Said they needed a police report or no go. Package was delivered by Amazon delivery and tracking said package was handed to someone at residence which is bullshit because no one was home for three days. Told them that on the phone and said they still need a police report or no go. I guess DNA days at Amazon are coming to a close.