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FKit wrote

Super easy in my area.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

Still lifting. Helps that my career is in an essential business forever and always so A. I blend in very well at my preferred targets. B. During these "stay home" times I have valid reason to be out and about.

Been lifting steadily since this thing kicked off.


LiftGrift11 wrote

Pretty slow for me anyway—my main stores are all closed since my state is on a lockdown, so there’s not much I can do.


DeleeGirl wrote

The only thing I can lift now are groceries from Wal fart. Not complaining. While in there I can get clothing items, makeup, so it’s not a total loss. But I miss my “shopping”. I’ve lost a lot of weight due to the doc making me cut down on sugar and carbs so I really need to stock up on clothes again.