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There’s posts all over the internet, from news sources, on account of some poor victim having cheque’s stolen from a public outgoing mail box. And those cheque’s are allegedly then washed of their original pen ink, and re written to be paid to a new name, with a new amount of the fraudsters choosing.

In theory; I can’t help but think adding any solvent to a written cheque, would either..

A) Cause the ink to run, rendering the cheque useless.

B) Remove the ink.. maybe... but also distort any ink printed on the cheque (which is what makes it a cheque. So again, useless end result.)

Any input would be appreciated. It just seems unlikely... that being said, time to order a cheque book for myself and write thousands of dollars to dodgy accounts then claim to be a victim lol (joking)



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falcons wrote

how do you plan on cashing said check without it being traced back to you? You have a fake bank account?


Protectyaneck wrote

You can also buy some MICR ink that is compatible with your printer and just print the account and routing numbers at the bottom of the check. Bam you have a legit blank check with their information on it