Need help with destroying a pedo's car discreetly

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Hi there. Title basically says it all. There is a known pedophile creep in my area and the justice system has failed to remove him from society. He has a lot of money and has managed to hire lawyer's to get him off scotch free.

I want to completely destroy his car as anonymously and discreetly as possible. I have kids of my own, as well as the children of his neighbors and the surrounding area to protect. I'm ready to take matters into my own hands.

I have a plan that is somewhat solid. I am going to pour a mixture of bleach and sugar into his gas tank. This will hopefully mess up almost everything from the pistons, fuel lines, fuel filter etc. I want his car to never run again so it will be difficult for him to go anywhere and harm someone's son or daughter.

However, there are some issues with my plan that I fear may lead to this crime being traced back to me. I want to be absolutely sure I get away with this with no consequences to me.

My plan: Rent a car from turo, throw on a hoodie and sunglasses and drive to his neighborhood. Get out of my car, pour a mixture of bleach and sugar into his gas tank and get the fuck out of there. I will be wearing latex gloves to be extra sure I don't get any fingerprints on his car. This will all be happening on 2am on a weekday to make sure as many people are asleep as possible.

Issue 1: As stated in the plan, I do not want to use my personal vehicle to do this. His neighbors have cameras, and his car is parked in a well lit suburban neighborhood. I plan to do this at about 2am, to minimize the chances of anyone seeing me but just to be safe i'm going to assume that there will be camera footage from someone's doorbell camera of me doing this. Because of this, I want to rent a car from someplace like Turo for the day.

Issue 2: The rental car being traced back to me. I know this seems like i'm overthinking this but I cannot risk having any evidence of this traced back to me. If someone does happen to have footage of me, they could easily get the make and model of the car. All it takes is for the police to look at my Turo account and bam, I rented the same make and model of car on the day of the crime. Is there any way for me to obtain a vehicle for an hour without it being traced back to me on paper?

Issue 3: Will bleach and sugar be enough to make sure his vehicle never runs again? Is there another chemical that I could use that would be even more damaging than bleach?

If anyone has any suggestions to help me pull this off please let me know. I want to make sure this guy doesn't hurt any more kids. But at the same time I have a family to provide for and I cannot risk having this traced back to me. Thank you!



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LostYonder wrote

First question is - how do you know he is a pedophile? has there been a trial? how did he get off? publicity itself is usually enough to destroy one's career and family.

As for the car - steal some license plates to use briefly (put them on and change them just before and after when you know you aren't being followed) or drive near by with a bike (making sure there are no cameras where you park) then bike to where his car is parked and back. His gas tank is probably locked - be prepared to pry it open.



Set it on fire. More spectacular...


DjPhoenixAmour wrote

I agree with what others are saying about walking/biking to his car. Rent a car just for the purpose of getting to said neighborhood then park it down the street or a street over from where his car is. Preferably bike the rest of the way, as it will be quicker to get away if anyone catches you. Good luck to you, I hope this scum bag gets whats coming to him!


raddisheater wrote

well i have no idea how to do it but just wanted to say you rock dude!


Pop wrote

They'd definitely track the car, you'd have to cover the plates at least


FederalBootyInspector wrote

Just walk or ride a bike like many others said. Or drive and park down the road.

Also if you get sparkplugs, there's a little ceramic bit inside of them that will break any car window you throw it at.


Majrelende wrote

I have no experience at all with any of this, but is it close enough to walk without being watched?


JohnBoJim_87 wrote

He has a lot of money and has managed to hire lawyer's to get him off scotch free.

Does have a lot of "scotch tape" 😝. It's scot free.


Protectyaneck wrote

Rent the car from turo and steal a random license plate off of a different car and put it on your rental car. When you're done toss it. Or print out temporary plates.