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Lifted_Hickory wrote

They are source tagged. RFID sticker typically. Usually a squarish white label stuck on the outside of the box.


LawsPrevention wrote (edited )

Yes! Actually! I did this yesterday. Go to Walmart and lift a letter opener. Not the slidey kind, the stabby kind. Step 2: go to Walgreens or cvs and get the strips and pretend to compare boxes with ole’ stabby up your sleeve. Slice through the bottom of the box where it opens . Use your body as a block to empty them into your hand. Close box. Compare a few more. Buy something with cash and bounce.

Or an old fashioned walkout is always safer. I just felt it was right for me at the time. Plus if anyone picks that box up to buy, you’ve left the literature and directions in there and it feels like every other box.

Good luck


FKit wrote

I think they are source tagged, so if you yank them, don't stop when the towers go off. Or go to the bathroom and remove from package.


ItWasMe wrote

I got a lot of meijer, it’s easy!