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JohnBoJim_87 wrote

I don't really get what you explained here 🤷


Liftitbro wrote

My neither if im honest lol i sort of did but not completely..


Sh0plyft3r wrote

If you didn’t understand what the OP was describing, he said he uses the same method of swapping clothes as I described 2 weeks ago (, then he does a no receipt return on those items to get store credit and buy something he couldn’t lift.


[deleted] wrote


Sh0plyft3r wrote

Well, because you didn’t explain that part and how it was done, no one here, including myself have a clue what you are talking about. Your entire post seems disconnected and incoherent.


ItWasMe wrote

Or you could just conceal and leave. I don’t think it’s worth the extra trips to go out to thrift stores to find knockoffs of what you want. I can see how this might work for a watch or something but when it comes to clothes concealing is still the primary method for me.