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When lifting in two different wally-marties, I alarmed the towers in each. In an older building, the alarm made a sort of "chime" noise - a very pleasant sound / song that hardly sounds "alarming". It almost sounded nice ! In the newer one - I would periodically hear the towers go off for other customers as I was shopping - the typical fast BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP as usual. but then I went through - it was a very different slower sound, again like a ringtone or something but one more obvious/less pleasant that I may have lifted.

does anyone have any insight on whether certain tagged items would alert a different alarm sound? or a certain amount of items? for some reason these sounds freak me out more than the regular alarm theft beeps would. for reference - i also used the self-checkout to make smaller purchases with the lifted items concealed, but not all de-tagged.

edit: this was in the Southern US.



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DerpRun wrote (edited )

Had this happen to me upon entering a neighborhood market forgetting they were on me. No one paid attn. I had my magnets on me so I assumed that is what set off the weird alarms but hadn't heard anything yet. I had no plans to lift here as this was the (very recently renovated) most upgraded secure wally NhoodMkt I'd ever seen with swinging gates, damn near all beauty/pharm in glass cases requiring an assoc to unlock, and a lot of cameras. I ended up just walking back to car to leave mags and no sounds went off upon re-entering.