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When lifting in two different wally-marties, I alarmed the towers in each. In an older building, the alarm made a sort of "chime" noise - a very pleasant sound / song that hardly sounds "alarming". It almost sounded nice ! In the newer one - I would periodically hear the towers go off for other customers as I was shopping - the typical fast BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP as usual. but then I went through - it was a very different slower sound, again like a ringtone or something but one more obvious/less pleasant that I may have lifted.

does anyone have any insight on whether certain tagged items would alert a different alarm sound? or a certain amount of items? for some reason these sounds freak me out more than the regular alarm theft beeps would. for reference - i also used the self-checkout to make smaller purchases with the lifted items concealed, but not all de-tagged.

edit: this was in the Southern US.



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2eyeson10fingers wrote

Sorry this is late but likely what you’re hearing with the rapid beeps is someone going through the metal entrance gates like they’re going to leave the store instead of going through a checkout isle. They make no sound when you go through them to go further into the store but go through them to leave and they will. I’ve heard two different chimes for setting towers off, one is a really pleasant and non threatening chime the other is a bit louder and more urgent sounding beeps