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Lifted_Hickory wrote

They seem to usually floor walk in pairs. My local has a pair that does this. I've gotten lots there over the years and see them all the time. I act oblivious and I've never been followed or watched.

I wouldn't straight up call them out or let them know I know who they are. Seems from Reddit/LP they take that as a personal challenge to bust you or ban you then. I like my free stuff too much to burn a wally like that.


Almonds wrote

Acknowledging them is almost straight saying “hey I notice you because I’m a lifter!” Yeah, good idea to not do that! Sharp eye though for recognising them!

Sometimes I can’t even see some of the shops where I live affording to hire more than one lp at a time. I feel like they just want their employees to keep an eye out. I have to remind myself to be super vigilant