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Sh0plyft3r wrote (edited )

A little tip for you, my wife does this: buy a couple shirts or something from goodwill and keep them in your purse. When you go in and they count your items, swap out the new stuff for the goodwill stuff in the dressing room and when you walk out you have the same amount of items. Leave the goodwill items and enjoy your new stuff.

If you don't have a purse, just wear the goodwill clothes under your regular clothes the same way you will wear the new ones out.


fullofwater09 wrote

This is actually genius.

Does it not raise unusual suspicion when they discover non-store clothing in the dressing room thought? Doesn't seem like something you could repeatedly do without a pattern forming at that store if you repeatedly target that location

Also, do you know what the stores do with non-store items found?


Sh0plyft3r wrote (edited )

Don't leave the clothes in the dressing room, bring them out with you on hangers, they mostly just count the items, they don't look to see what they are. Then you hang them on the racks somewhere in the store like you are putting them back.

If you really wanted the clothes back or didn't want to leave evidence, bring your shoplifted clothes out to your vehicle and leave them there. Then you can go back in and just take your goodwill clothes back. If anyone tries to stop you, just show them they aren't a brand they sell, they are your clothes. But I honestly wouldn't worry about it. It would be a while before anyone ever found them and realized what they were.

But I wouldn't do this at the same location multiple times. Maybe once or twice in 3-6 months.


regreddit wrote

You just solved 90% of my concerns. Thanks!


Jacie wrote (edited )

The part you guys aren't saying but I think is important and that the other responder meant is to take the clothes with you from the dressing room as though you are going to buy them. Don't leave them with the attendant. Leave one or two things with the attendant, take one or two to 'purchase' which are your Goodwill items, and then change your mind and hang them on a rack of clothes. This is a lot of effort in my opinion but it should work for you. if you're comfortable and confident that's the biggest hurdle.