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DerpRun wrote (edited )

Sorry for length here, this just happened. While shopping one morning at WM, I carefully re-selected an item that i had purchased about one and a half months ago with the intentions of returning it once I had been in store shopping with it for a long time, store got busier, and I completed my legit checkout. Having done this before, rarely and when in need, and never had any issues. Upon checkout, I realize that I had left the receipt in the car. Not thinking for whatever reason, I figured I'd drop off groceries and come back in with receipt and item. Door greeter stopped me and of course went to scan that item and as I explained the item was being returned and that I just forgot to grab my receipt, she (a high strung overly anxious woman) was quickly on the walkie calling CSM, a man's name who later turns out to be LP, etc. and others for help. All the while she's grabbing this medium size box as though to protect it with her life from me. I really shouldn't have stopped. I have never NOT stopped but I digress. I was able to drop off my stuff at the car and I drove to the door I exited and parked to come back inside with the receipt (I know better, this is a total smh idea) hoping they weren't watching me on video selecting the item but my stupidity is somewhat limited luckily so I was pretty keen on what was most likely happening since no LP was around and another assoc was quick to leave door when I pulled up leaving only the crazy door greeter lady. This loon tells me to give her my receipt and I look at her like she's lost her mind before I ask where the item was. She replies, telling me its in customer service and insists on my receipt and I asked how that was going to work. She says that she'll scan my receipt and then walk to customer service to scan the item and by this time I thought f*ck this and gave her THAT look right before I just turned to head to cs counter and left her there.

The Customer service lady takes my receipt, has that look like she knows a lot more than I do and of course, I started to feel nervous but stayed calm. The LP guy came and took the item and receipt and disappeared and left me there to wait. I told the lady I had to leave as I had been shopping fairly long already and had things to get to but I was very calm and polite. She called the LP (she picked up the phone as though he was just on hold because she only hit like one button?! and began to tell him, "She wants to leave" trying to be quiet but making me aware I was undoubtedly suspect. She kept saying "Oh he's only say one minute, he'll be here." I got this response again when showing slight concern for my car, When I had pulled up to the door, I didn't think I'd have to get out for long but there I was, at cs counter while car was in a clear tow away zone. Luckily, it was about 7am with shit weather, and not many shoppers were there yet. After more than enough time had passed and I could tell it was def NOT going to go any good way, I said I'll brb to the cs agent as though to go to the restroom and just walked straight to my car and calmly left.

This is the closest I have ever been to being "caught" or facing big trouble really. I'm your average typical looking housewife and always dress nice, but not too nice because I aim not to stand out. I don't ever act sketchy, weird, or go overboard so I generally don't deal with issues but wondering how far this will go...

That being said, since you worked at WM, could you tell me 1) How close I came to a face to face chat with police 2) Am I safe to return to other WM's in the area without being watched? 3) What sort of process/measures is taken to notify other stores or is there a specific procedure for this scenario? I have no plans to return to that location for at least a year but will need to go to a WM eventually down the road I imagine. Any info/advice regarding this is very appreciated, thank you!


WatchingYouConceal OP wrote

If I understand you correctly, you took an item from the shelf and claimed it was yours already and wanted to return it. Then LP took your receipt and the item and left with it.

If that’s the case, the LP was going to go back over the video of when you entered the store to see if you entered with it. Since you did not, he will follow you on video and see you were trying to do a fraudulent return.

At this point he will be able to look up the transaction in the POS system and see how you paid. If you paid with a credit/debit card he will now have your name and photo from the surveillance cameras.

It is unlikely that he would involve the police (although he could). Most likely he will just write up a report in the computer system and send a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for you to other Walmart’s in the area. They may contact other local stores, but that’s not really very common.

Honestly, you should probably avoid any Wal-Mart in the area for a few weeks, but after that you should be fine at any other Wal-Mart as long as you don’t do anything to draw unwanted attention to yourself from the LP.

I wouldn’t go back to the Walmart where this incident took place though for at least 3-6 months at the soonest.

If you don’t get a call or visit from the police in the next few days, I wouldn’t be worried, nothing will come of it.


Jacie wrote

Will you be here for a while because I have a couple more questions in dying to ask!