Note of caution based on advice you receive here.

Submitted by BigThief in Illegalism (edited )

Every person who asks a question should always be critical of any answer they are given. Always do your own follow-up research to ensure the person knows what they are talking about and that they understand both the letter and merit of the law.

I will never be offended if someone challenges anything I have said. It is always best to get as many eyes on a subject. Many times a particular jurisdiction may have nuances that are not applicable even in the same state.

My state has several unique laws around shoplifting. In my state; if you shoplifting from the same store 3 times within a 7 day period it is automatically a felony that the DA nor the judge can overrule. However, you can exceed the felony limit on 1 occasion and the judge has the power to make it a misdemeanor.

It can get even more nuanced when you argue theft vs shoplifting. It is different in my state. The theft threshold for misdemeanor is higher than for shoplifting.

Then you have additional laws based on which offense it is; second, third, and fourth. And they are again different based on if you are arrested vs convicted.



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Jert_the_Gnarwall wrote

Excellent post...

My state has one of the shittiest shoplifting laws...

Concealing is considered shoplifting.


Crusty wrote

we should create a master list of state shoplifting laws


Frostysnowjob wrote

I really like this idea but that could give some poeple a false sense of the law since local laws might be tougher then state


Fmemory wrote

I think we should not reveal "MASTER TIPS" bcuz i think they will find easier way to defeat us.


funbrandi wrote

Truer words were never spoken. I had the bright idea to read a master list somewhere and it claimed Costco has minimal security and almost no one watch the very few cameras. Well long story short NOT TRUE!!! 😬


Sh0plyft3r wrote (edited )

Yep. I hate those “master lists.” Just like the source tag lists, manufacturers can start source tagging at any point. Those lists are only good at telling you what someone else thinks is true, not what’s actually true.

I would never trust the Master Lists.


BigThief OP wrote

I have not lifted from Costco in almost 24 months. I do know they have undercover LP, their workers are fanatical, and I was always told there are multiple LP per store during prime hours. I was never able to confirm this.


marcus66502 wrote

This note goes without saying. There is no absolute advice in this forum. All we share is stories of personal experience. If I had solid inside info on the active hours of LP at the various stores, I wouldn't need to be on here.

Anything you do is at your own risk. If you don't do your own research for your particular area, you have no one to blame but yourself for any failure (not that it matters who you blame when you're caught).


Crusty wrote

I agree, its just like asking a friend for advice, they don't get to tell you what to do. We are all here to learn and help each other; however, we all have a different approach and background.


Hardlyworking4 wrote

Thief I binged all your forum posts last night, thank you for providing this awesome service!!