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cakeater7 wrote (edited )

Congratulations. U just prompted the store to review the videos. The photos of ur faces are being pass around in their emails. U also revealed that u have intentions to use a burglary tool to liftt their merchs and since u lifted multiple keys u showed possible distribution of those keys which means u could be marked as ORC. LPs now have a special memory banks to put u in.

All those items are worth less than $30 on eBay. U were safer carting out a big screen TV than that high risk low rewards stunts.


anthrax101 wrote (edited )

This is a little too greedy for my offense to the OP though because that's ridiculously funny of a story not to share. Next time you do this maybe stick to two-three so that the employees can open up Alpha boxes and they won't consider it as big of a crime as swiping the entire goddamned lot of S3 keys. That's something that could put yourself on TV because this one would turn into a felony because once you take the S3 since it's considered theft with using tools which takes it out of the ballpark of misdemeanor well into felony possession/intent. You can also be certain that the store you burgled is going to end up possibly switching LP device companies to using a different method of locking their shit up, which in turn makes your S3's borderline worthless since $14 can get you the same thing on AliExpress. We need to keep stores using Alpha S3 products for as long as possible before stores start using those devices that require an infrared beam to shine into a cylinder just in order to unlock the case something is'll be possibly years before us small-time boosters will be able to bypass this kind of protection. I've read up on the new tech that will eventually roll out, and those unlockers use a rolling code that changes once every 12 hours which means that most of those locks are going to be connected to a centralized tower and that isn't gonna be good for us.

I can't rant any more though because this is just funny as shit, and I almost got coffee all over my keyboard when I saw this post because I can't even imagine the kind of balls it takes to pull this kind of a heist off.


Jamesl wrote

Lol how did you manage that?! Was the shop closed?!


Silver_Stealer OP wrote

Yes it was. Took a few minutes to yank them off then left. Probably made operating a bit difficult now that they can't take spider wrap off of stuff.


Jamesl wrote

How did you manage it though if the shop was closed, surely no customers would be in?!