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I haven't been able to do much lifting for the past month or so due to an injury but I had an idea and some questions for you all. I was thinking I could lift a bunch of foundation, brushes, concealer, etc. From cvs, Sally beauty and just lower security stores like that then return the stuff to ulta like "this is too light/dark for me. I bought 2 of these on accident, got it as a gift and didn't like it" anyways is there anything I should be worried about going into it or any tips you have?



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Flit3386 wrote

I will say, as I had to return an item from Ult@ given to me for Xmas recently, that they absolutely will do an exchange or store credit without a receipt. However, my local Ult@ said that returns without a receipt will go for the lowest price they have been for that year (sales and such) So with drugstore makeup, it's likely you wouldn't get much for it as they have sales on their drugstore items all the time.