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Been lurking around reading the forum history. Seems like a lot of people have been busted at grocery stores. I have been lifting my groceries for years via walkouts in reusable bags. I don’t pay for anything as it gives them time to react, but honestly I have never seen LP let alone anyone confronted for shoplifting.

It may have something to do with my region, the stores I hit, when I hit them, or the ridiculously high number of stores in a short distance, but I’m curious why so many people with tons of experience who were never caught before run into trouble with groceries.

For the sake of reference points, if you have been caught or close to caught at a grocery store, which store and what method? You don’t need to say the state of you don’t want to, but region would help. Also, if anyone has any inside info, please share. I regularly scan the career pages for stores I lift from and most grocery stores don’t seem to have any dedicated in store LP, yet people are regularly caught.



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Fandango wrote

I’ve done groceries for the last 20 years and only had a handful of scares. Basically when I have taken the piss/been greedy. I now tend to only take what I need. When I start going for high risk items like razors and alcohol I have been rumbled. I usually will put stuff in a reusable bag but if there isn’t security manning the doors I will walk.

I won’t go into the stores I frequent as I’m 100% sure there is a cop/LP on here that sends me a private message asking for info , every time I post. Don’t know why. I’m only role playing like the rest of you on here. I’m really a bored 9 year old


JohnBoJim_87 wrote

Yea, I'm getting those private messages too & they are starting to get annoying.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

Kroger has LP. I've seen them lurk near registers and confront. Read several reports near me of people getting busted. Usually seems to be ORC related like a cart full of Tide pods, razors, or meats.

I did several big walkouts and never had a problem, I've cooled on grocery from there though.

The Mart with Wals seems to be stepping up on their deterrent game though. Several days I've been serviced to death at registers and called out on stuff. Never happened before and it has me waiting a minute to go back. I think I've burned my closest stores for a while.


hungryaf OP wrote

Good intel. From what I have read, Kroger does have good LP. Maybe that’s where everyone is being caught. I am guessing it’s just Kroger though and not any of the alternately named subsidiaries.

If anything is a common ORC item, I make sure it’s the last thing I pick up before walking out and only 1 or 2 max.

Something fucky is going on at Walmart and I don’t like it. What a shitty company.


BigThief wrote

Kroger has really stepped up their game. They have good camera coverage but not 100%. They stood up Sensormatic towers before the restrooms. They do put tags on just about any meat over $20... at least where I am they do.


Jacie wrote

Where are you getting reports to read? I agree about self check, I rarely use it. I had a clerk come tell me I rang up the wrong kind of onion in a bag filled with produce! She actually saved me over a dollar but the point is they are seriously watching!


hungryaf OP wrote

Self checkout is the worst place you can be if you are actually trying to steal something. It was my gateway drug that got me back into shoplifting. When I was in college, I would palm a clearance sticker and buy the most expensive sushi they had. Then I realized how much faster and safer it was to just walkout with it. Fuck that - no ramen for my ass.

But that’s the point. Rookies are trying to be sneaky and most people who would never actually lift will try the banana trick. Even if there isn’t LP, it’s too risky to get trapped by someone taking their job seriously. At best - an awkward conversation. At worst - you are caught with easy evidence you just handed them. No thanks. Walkouts for life.


themoa wrote

I try to lift at least 50% of my groceries from the mart with wals. Usually through self checkout, but I am starting to realize this is becoming a lot more tricky. I want to do a walkout so bad, but I’m afraid of showing up on Facebook or something. I have gotten close a couple times, but I just feel too nervous about it. Any tips?


marcus66502 wrote (edited )

How is it safer to just walk out with it? They can follow you and stop you.

The hard part about walking out is not the walking out the door part but the fact that there's a long walk from the doors through the parking lot to your car or wherever you're going. They may not be sure whether you paid for your stuff but they can still stop you in the parking lot. Of course I'm not going to give them my real name or any other real info about me but I don't want THAT to be my only line of defense. I don't even want them knowing they've been robbed.


WL1534 wrote

I used to steal groceries at Walmart with my backpack it's not hard. Walmart employees don't generally give a damn about their jobs and if you go at the right time there's very little to no longer on duty and I just learned when all the overnight employees were busy stocking and were to busy to have time to walk around