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JesusNachosForever wrote


Here's how to tell if there will be more LP : Is the location typically busy at that time, probably.

Also, keep in mind, LP staff seem to work the first hour the store is open, TYPICALLY. That's when reports from the previous day are run, and I remember being told by more than LP in my history "Shoplifters/unemployables don't wake up early"


Liftitbro OP wrote (edited )

ah interesting, my only gripe with the morning lift is it’s usually more quiet, and I find it harder to stay calm the quieter it is. It’s like the more chance they’re watching. .Doesn’t help I have an anxiety condition And Aspergers LOL. But I love lifting

What are your favourite times to lift?


JesusNachosForever wrote

I always did a bunch of information gathering with advance visits around the time I plan to return and feel a place out. That might reduce your anxiety.