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celebratedrecluse wrote

Pinned, make sure to take care not to dox yourself though. Video is not the most anonymous format, I would be careful with showing your face or voice.


Flit3386 wrote

Hi, new here but long time lurker. I think it would be awesome to see techniques visually. Sometimes in explanations it's hard to figure out exactly what someone means. Been lifting in my adult life for about 2 years, but would love to up my game to more expensive or valuable items.


themoa wrote



burnerboy wrote

Love the idea, you could make the videos private where only people who are on this forum have access to them, i want to try lifting but have never done more than 10$ so a lifting for beginners would be great


LiftYuhBitch wrote

Do it please and can u show a link to buy the tools.


Liftitbro wrote

Sounds a brilliant idea. I’ve just invested in a golf detacher so a video about how to use it properly and that would be great


Tryn2Survive wrote

I'm 100% interested and look forward to it!!


shoplifter wrote (edited )

100% interested in this


tinbagger wrote

hell yeah dude go for it, i would love to see a high quality explanation of lifitgn devices, or cutaways of hard tags explaingin how they work


dontcatchmelad wrote

I would be down but stay safe I dont want you to lose your job.


pee wrote



Sejio wrote

I just found this forum thanks to a friend and as I was looking for exactly this information. I'd love to watch those vids! But try to keep everything as anonymous as possible.


simianthrope wrote (edited )

Not sure it's that much a good idea as you might end up contributing to security companies learning from your tricks pretty fast, so making things much, much harder for lifters.

Spreading infos is always a good thing, but it should be closer to a need-to-know basis (like here).

Also, likely you knew already there was a /r/lifter sub on Reddit. "was", as it got taken down over complaints of supporting illegal activity. What makes you think Youtube won't do the same?