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So today at the end of my weekly run I made a very stupid and sloppy mistake that even though nothing came of it still makes me very angry with myself.

I typically stock up on personal hygiene items and household essentials in the winter. Today I stopped at the DG and went to get a pack of Dove soap bars. Anyways I knew they had been using those little security stickers so I saw it and peeled it off. Preceded to conceal in my jacket and exit the store. I didn't beep or hear anything at least. I got in my truck left waited to exit the parking lot before turning on my headlights as I usually do.

I got home and located second security sticker. I just wanted to share this so we can all remember to be more careful. DG is normally a joke as far as security but you never want to be noticed. Stay safe out there.



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Almonds wrote

Woah I aspire to be this hard on myself so I’d keep vigilant. But I’ve already gotten sloppy, twice I forgot to hide the clothing tags in my pocket before leaving the store lol. Only one store beeped though


LiftyLoo_FU1349 wrote

Looks like we've a down voting troll again. Time to upvote hardcore!

On topic: I hear ya OP. I recently yoinked an item that had an RFID sticker on the OUTSIDE of the damn box. It blended in to the color of the packaging itself. Fuck me running I DIDN'T beep on the way out. Damn lucky but dumb as hell on my part


rexmanningday wrote

they prob get them with those on them from the store prior. I dont even think they have sensors or whatever or would give an F. like they pay those people nothing.


NNout5589 OP wrote

Thanks to everyone for the support. Like I said I was just really upset with myself for missing it. It happens to the best of us which is why we can never let our guard down.


Flit3386 wrote

So glad you didn't run into issues. Everyone has those moments, and I'm just glad you managed to get out with no trouble.


JesusNachosForever wrote

There are various tags used for LP.

You may have encountered one of the smaller THIS ITEM INTENDED FOR SALE BY (STORE NAME) Usually with a number or website to report. Those are typically to discourage mom and pop stores from buying them and making ORC easier to trace.

If its a blank square with raised lines and a metallic edge, THAT'S the one that's gonna set off alarms.

Only worry about the thicker metal backed sticker, the other sticker is just proof it was theirs. And if you're getting busted, that point is moot.