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I owe 8k and I am sure I will owe more once all the doctors bill me. The New Year has passed which means I need to meet a 12k deductible and I need to have at least one more surgery.

The last year I have found it is fairly easy to pickup brand name outerwear: North Face, Patagonia, Arc'teryx...

What is the best marketplace to sell these kinds of brands? I have only ever lifted them to donate and I only have experience with Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Ebay.

My feeling is Facebook and Craigslist have people who always want to lowball you and also waste your time asking redundant questions and ghosting you when they said they will meetup. I will be selling a large quantity of the same items so I am leery of using Ebay unless I can somehow hide my auction history from casual people browsing. It will be hell of suspicious to sell 20 Patagonia jackets.

Also, those that sell clothing: do you find that menswear, women's or children sell easier, faster, and for the highest price in relation to the suggested retail price?



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IceTooth wrote

i’ve had good results on Grailed


rexmanningday wrote

poshmark, tradesy, etc lowball you and take fees like a mother f-er. I would make a fake handle and do fb marketplace.

side note: are they the bettersweater? can you dm me?


Almonds wrote

Posh mark? They always advertise designer stuff, but mostly used. Could look into it

I haven’t sold that many clothes but I was personally surprised how much interest I got for a $$$ men’s jacket. Women are picky, but some guys just want the brand name and don’t care as much about the fit.


Luckyme_6775 wrote

Be careful because of you mark them too low you’ll get shut down. They know what’s going on when new clothes are cheap online. eBay is the best and things go fast but you just have to be careful on price.


IceTooth wrote

i find that ebay takes such a large cut that it’s almost not worth it for me


DjPhoenixAmour wrote

I use Poshmark and while it's great for "beer money", I definitely couldn't depend on it to survive with. While that's just me, others have turned it into a full time success story, though these stories come few and far between and require some serious dedication. You will basically get out what you put into it and given that it's also considered to be a social platform, requires you to share, like, follow, etc. in order for your closet to gain popularity, this increasing your sales. There are plenty of similar platforms such as Mercari, ThredUp, Vinted, Varage Sale, and Tradsey however, I can't speak for those as I've never tried them. Good luck!