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Ok a certain store is going out of business, they are a major chain and are super easy to boost from. I've gotten clothes from there but somewhat limited due to the face I can only carry so much.,

What's the best way to conceal multiple pairs of pants at once, a coat, collared dress shirts

Just basically not looking like I'm coming out the dressing room wearing a fat suit. I also don't want to walk in looking like I'm there to boost



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nickles wrote

have you considered just doing a walkout? if theyre going out of business and theyre already easy to lift from im sure it wouldnt be too hard


Loserdub OP wrote

I've thought about it, in fact a buddy has done it there a few times, I'm just a bit of a puss pop.

Any pointers to give on the walk out? Totally do able IMHO but some tips would help


nickles wrote

if there are alternate exists that are typically unguarded, those are your friend

bringing in bags from that store or other stores (preferably nearby) are a good way to walk out with things without looking like you stole


Subversive_Element wrote

I have a super baggy pair of cargo pants, tight at the waist, baggy legs. I can fit two pairs of jeans, dress pants on underneath and its hard to tell.

I have to wear a long shirt or jacket to hide the fact my belt is at max and my pants are undone, but it works! You can of course wear a couple shirts out as well.

There is a large weather related factor of course. If it’s middle of summer, you will have to bag it, untag it, and do a walkout.