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Fearthewalkingfailtwo wrote

I merged two slices of chocolate cake into one at the cafeteria and smooshed them togerther


cakeater7 wrote (edited )

I sell a lot of stuff that I lifts so I'll often need packing supplies. Once or twice a month I would go to office depot to get the biggest bag of styrofoam peanuts they have. The bag is over $50 and is bigger than most people so I'll just walked out w it each time. I would imagine from the cashier point of view it probably look like a giant bag of styrofoam peanuts just walked out by itself bc I'm on the opposite side of them as I'm exiting, LOL


liftingdad wrote

I found an unlocked janitor’s closet in a pretty empty municipal building. It had a pretty handy black trash bag ready for me, and so in less than a minute I got a year’s supply of toilet paper, dusting rags, microfiber cloths, and cleaners. I walked out of the lobby with the bag on my back like Santa Claus.


BigThief wrote (edited )

A bed frame and mattress from Ikea.

Had a partner come up the elevator as I stood upstairs near the food court. The upstairs elevator did not have a button. As soon as the doors opened I pushed my cart in, went downstairs, and across to the parking deck elevator.


Devil_in_the_Details wrote

This year I took a weighted blanket for my significant other during a rough period for her during depression. Straight up just had that thing laying on the self check out counter while talking to the guy who was monitoring, a few good laughs and when his attention was brought elsewhere, I just placed it back in my cart and left once I bought a few other small things.


chchchcherrybomb wrote

during Halloween Mike’s arts & crafts sells large fake pumpkins. I walked out with a big ass fake pumpkin, the biggest one they had 3 years ago.


Fandango wrote

I got a large dog skeleton prop for Halloween. Walked out with it then went back for the frog and rat skeleton. Got some weird looks walking down the road with it.


rexmanningday wrote

jimmy choos from saks. put my old navy flip flops in the box and walked the fuck out.