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nickles wrote

i didnt do much lifting myself, but i helped several others, mostly low income mothers in need of childrens clothes. i work at a department store where the cams are broken so whenever i inevitably catch someone stealing i just tell them that nobodys watching and to stash in the dressing room etcetc. hopefully i helped a few extra kids stay warm at night :) heres to 2020


Fandango wrote

Wish I had kept a running total of my lifts. Easily did £500 per month grocery lifts alone.


chchchcherrybomb wrote

pretty damn lit. I frequent art, grocery, pet stores, the mall. lots of free art supplies, pet treats, aquarium food/supplies, home decor, groceries, little gifts. I love having what I want at the touch of my fingers.


Fmemory wrote

For my first Year Was abslouty AMAZING.