Submitted by Quiltiris in Illegalism

There's these new one way entrances that force you to go through the registers instead of going straight to the exit. Will this mean I'll have to sneak things now?



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nickles wrote

it sounds like anything that you can't stash on your person is off limits for that store. if youre carrying something on you, buy something small like a pack of gum to lower suspicion.


Jacie wrote

I went through a lane that was closed but not blocked off. Carry your items, I swear by this.


Alleyesonme wrote

They have this at a local home store. I just wait around the in door until someone comes in and walk out that way but obviously that would not work for a walk out with cart.


Flit3386 wrote

At my W@lmart they recently renovated and have these gates at the entrances as well. However they don't usually have things blocking unused checkout lanes, might be an option? Our store really beefed up the cameras too, it's still pretty easy to conceal, but as far as a walkout maybe go through an unused checkout lane and just carry an old receipt when you walk by the receipt checker.


ludibrane wrote

Go with someone that legitly buys, make him buy like whole cart worth of stuffs and go with him and just pass them


chchchcherrybomb wrote

if you don’t SWAT will bust your door down.

just kidding. give us a hint on the kind of store it is. depending on the store you can probably still do a walk out (pet store and craft store chains)