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I really would appreciate your opinion on this issue as it is plaguing me.

  • Just a quick warning though, there is some personal and potentially triggering stuff in this, for anyone going through bereavement or mental health issues.

My dad doesn't like me lifting, he was no stranger to mischievous activities from his earlier days in life, however he definitely doesn't like me lifting...

My dad however is Dying, he doesn't have long left. The idea of losing him in my mid-twenties is unbearable, especially considering I have little other family in this dysfunctional, sick world. Sorry for my pessimism as there are for sure beautiful people and places too.

So I Just feel this guilt for continuing to do this knowing he doesn't like it. He has his reasons for me not to and I have my reasons to.

Here are my reasons I lift:

  1. Helps with mental health problems to a degree, also raises my self esteem and temporarily helps with chronic suicidal ideation. It releases pent up emotions such as anger and stress which are killing me and also stops me self harming.

  2. Is a very efficient stimming method. I am a high functioning autistic person with comorbid ADHD.. Carrying out big or risky lifts produces a high I prefer by far to weed, which was my main drug of choice.
    Having these conditions can be a great gift, but if you find drugs or have PTSD or severe anxiety or OCD or bipolar or physical problems, or even just a condition like autism that makes socialising with 99% of people extremely hard thus loneliness being likely... it can be an ultimate curse. Lifting alleviates all of these symptoms apart from the physical ones but even they go into the background temporarily because my mind is hyper-focused on the process of the lifting procedure.

  3. Free money, material goods and food/drink. Guess this one explains itself. Especially as I have never been able to really afford many things before I started lifting. Having £'s are nice.

  4. I have never been in control of my life and lifting provides me with control, some sense of power over my life I have never really had. Which feels great and it literally gives me confidence.

  5. 'Getting back at the world'. This human world has bullied, ostracised, ridiculed etc me for as long as I can remember, for no good reason what so ever. I actually think most of the world Is mentally ill in some form.

  • But I also rationalise it- and justifiably so to some degree, imo - that these corporations i'm stealing from (never the small family ones, always sticking to that code) have been pretty much decimating/dividing our humanity since they began existing. And so I am aiding in the destruction of their empire, however small a dent i make it is still a dent and I guess at the very least I can die knowing it is one other thing I did to try stop them.

  • What would you do in this situation?

Thanks for reading if you got this far. I wish you all the best.




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Loserdub wrote

I lost my dad at 19 to cancer. At that time I was a little more than average troublemaker. I had gotten 4 m I p and a few other charges and he was always by my side.

When he passed the guilt killed me and left to heroin addiction and even worse trouble.

If you wanna talk pm me but I know exactly how your feeling.

I was also car hopping alot at the time to pay for my 1st apt. I felt that my bad karma killed him and to this day I wonder. MY ADVICE: stop for now, give your dad as much time with you as you can. Your friends will be there, things to take will be there but he won't. Don't let him suffer in his deathbed thinking that once he's gone, his only legacy is a crook.

Good luck and like I said message me.


Liftitbro OP wrote (edited )

I'm very sorry to hear that. My dad has it too.

I will pm you. Thank you.


BoostinBabe wrote (edited )

I lift because I like money and I like providing overpriced shit for reasonable prices to people who should be able to have access to them.

I lift because I fucking hate companies and I love getting over on basically anything and everyone that gets in the way of what I want.

I have little to no remorse about anything let alone lifting. Lifting is a victim-less crime because companies are not sentient beings. There are figurehead legal entities that only serve the purpose of wasting occupying the working class citizen's time and upholding class structures for the benefit of the elite. It is literally modern day slavery at every step of the supply chain and I love fucking that shit up. Big industries annoy the fuck out me for this very reason.

And in general, I revel in fucking with and winning against anything and anyone that annoys me. I hate authority. I hate class structure or any societal constructs/social structures that imposes restrictions on individuals, and those who choose to enforce those restrictions in any space (let alone take it upon themselves to make up restrictions for others as if they have any fucking right to) are my enemies and I will do anything, including dismantling their beloved consumerist, gluttonous retail lives, industries, and hubs, swiping their enslaving credit cards, and outing them publicly for their misdeeds. Lifting is only the tip of my iceberg.


BigThief wrote

On mobile and traveling. Leaving this as a place holder to reply later.


Liftitbro OP wrote (edited )

I also believe the school system is so unnatural and can be extremely damaging to a childs development. Spending hours in that concentration camp AHEM school sat with limited bodily movement or stimulation, ike a slave to the teacher, learning for the most part useless mundane mind numbing shit. with a huge bunch of kids the majority of which are insecure and will do just about anything to fit in. when you look at it from this angle it is clear its a recipe for disaster. imo.

The people who own the big companies, reaping unimaginable sums of money.... all working together.. literally a tiny tiny portion of people 'owning' the vast majority of resources and humans (human resources) and reaping all of that profit, while the workers get paid like a few £ an hour. and they charge extortionate prices for their products for the most part.

Most of it is manufactured in countries where they're literally slaves, as in they'd probably die if they didn't work 7 days a week 14 hours a day for shitty western societies pleasure.

It's difficult but if they were to look one step further they'd realise if we boycott these corporations they would FINALLY be forced into actually listening to 'the consumer' aka us other human beings who have been sucked into instant gratification via addictive disease causing substances like sugar (carbs=sugar also what do we all eat? cereal/toast/porridge for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, more carbs for dinner and throw in 5 fruits a day like they tell you to and your bodily sugar intake per day is far far far exceeding what our bodies can handle.

Hence rates for the big killers like cancer and heart disease are so high. if you go minimal carb intake your body will begin enter ketosis burning fat for energy (providing you eat animal fat, like we were designed to) which is a far healthier, longer lasting and more energetic way to burn fuel than carbs. Think of carbs as being fuel for your car that burns crazy quick, and fat that burns slow as hell by comparison. anyway i ranted again sorry lol