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nickles wrote

something ive found to be profitable for me is coding things for other people on the internet. theres lots of forums for people who are too lazy to make a simple program or script for themselves, so theyll pay someone else to do it. if you dont know a language or anything its not too hard to get into and it pays off. i know its legal but its also low risk and you learn a good skill along the way. its not a get rich quick scheme by any means but it can be a good start.

if you intend to sell something you lift, make sure you know whether or not items can be blacklisted from theft via imeis or serial numbers. if you sell online, sell anonymously if you can. i dont recommend selling in person because if you sell to someone you know, they could snitch, and if you sell to someone you dont know you could always get robbed or worse.

you can use things such as cashapp or paypal to store your money digitally, though these usually require a form of legal identification. you can also receive payments with crypto, but those are typically unstable, and converting them to legal currency typically requires legal id aswell. if you take cash, i find that hiding cash behind walls via power outlets/light switches works just fine depending on how its built.