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What does everyone here think about these new Silver gates at Walmart? My local store does not have them set up yet (they are zip tied closed) but how do they work and how can I get around them when attempting walk outs? I have not seen them in use yet but I imagine I could still just walk out the other direction or push through them when no one is around? Has anyone done successful walk outs with these gates? Also is this going to be a thing in all Walmarts or only high shrink locations? Happy lifting guys



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Lifted_Hickory wrote

They have those gates at one wally I frequent. It actually is the easiest one to lift from, the others I go to I frequently see FB posts from PD there looking for people. The gates only open one way via sensor and if you push them open from the other side they start beeping like crazy. I see people push through them all the time. Doesn't seem anyone pays attention, but who knows.


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BigThief wrote (edited )

The gates close behind you once you enter the store. If you pull them to exit they will alarm. But, if you are quick you can exit them as soon as someone enters.

While doing a walkout you are going to be on video. The gates don't really change anything except deter people who would hesitate.


Shitbucket23 wrote

Just act like you’re gonna use the restroom up front and go though a closed checkout lane


DerpRun wrote

I think they are stupid and only going to really maybe make it more difficult for runners but I notice now with the store that have them, I set off a weird sounding alarm upon entering that I'm 100% sure is my magnets/tools. Super sucks. No one even pays attn though that I know of so idk.


BigThief wrote

The gates and most LP tactics are meant to slow and deter the common lifter.

I lift from a Walmart with the gates. It takes a little more coordination but it is actually easier. The stores that have installed and are using the gate have also removed the receipt checker.